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At the same time, we will inform you that the Labor Department has prepared a draft decision of the “Russian Federation Government” of the “Russian Federation Government. October 13, 2008 Federation n 749 “workers about the details of sending work.”

The documentary evidence of travel costs in order to taxable profit, as attached to the employee itself, especially plane or train tickets, hotel bill etc. In addition to duly regulated supportive documents, administrative organizations.

Therefore, if a plane ticket is purchased in a non-documentary format (electronic ticket), in this case the supporting documents that approve the cost of tax purposes in this case are:

In the absence of a boarding pass or certificate confirming that the employee is using the ticket he purchased for itself, in place of the business trip and (or) return costs are not recognized for profit tax purposes.

According to the 1st paragraph 1 of Article 252 of the Russian Federation of the Tax Code, the certified expenses are understood as the expenses that are confirmed with documents prepared in accordance with the documents prepared in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation or commercial turnover customs. Considering the costs in which the relevant costs of the relevant costs are made indirectly confirming the costs (customs declaration, business trip order, travel documents, including a report in accordance with the contract).

Article 313 of the Russian Federation Tax Code, the approval of the tax accounting data, as well as other things, as well as the primary accounting documents (including an accountant certificate) determines.

06.12.2011 N 402-FZ In accordance with Article 9 of the Federal Act of the Federal Act “on accounting (after that – 402-FZ Law), each fact of an organization’s economic life is subject as a primary accounting certificate.

Article 4 of Article 9 of the Law No. 402-FZ requires the figures of the primary accounting documents to be determined by an Economic President of an Economic Businessman on an Officer with Accounting.

Therefore, each taxpayer determines its own primary accounting certificate forms independently. These documents can be developed on the basis of the forms of the primary accounting documents in the albums of the primary accounting documents. The primary accounting documents developed by the taxpayer may consist of both compulsory details and compulsory and additional details.

Errors in the primary accounting documents in the primary accounting documents in the primary accounting documents that prevent the seller of the tax authorities, the buyer of goods (jobs, services), property rights, the name of the property (jobs, services), property rights, costs, and other conditions that do not define the properties of the goods, and other conditions, a tax check is performed, while a tax check is performed, the implementation of the appropriate taxation procedure. It is not a reason to refuse to accept the relevant expenditures to lower the income tax to reduce the base of the income tax.

The letter of the Federal Tax Service, 27 May 2015, N GD-4-3 / 8963, a FRT in the status “1” has clarified a Consignment Note and an invoice in the framework of a procurement contract. The implementation of the VAT discounts and the cost of the cost purchased in the profit for tax purposes.

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The program shots were not yet to be decided on whether to do in the UK or the United States (unable to decide). Since 36-year-old Sarah Ferguson has been living separate from Prince andrew since 1992. The newspapers claiming Sarah is a debt between 1.5 and 4.5 million dollars, lets know that this debt is not known to be paid by the Queen. Hüsnü Mubarak: “We’re gaining war against terrorism” Cairo-Egyptian President Hüsnü Mubarak, “Egyptian police, said that the Cup of Egypt starts to win the fight against extreme religious terrorism. In his speech, the Mubarak, the “police day” he made the security forces, “he managed to control the danger of the security forces from the terrorist groups from the terrorist groups, but also to disable their organization in and outside the country. Egypt State President, “All the district countries are also a positive development of the fact that the political violence referenced on behalf of religion is” positive improvement. In the conversation of the Interior Minister Hassan alfi, “the origins of the militant groups are based on the Muslim Brotherhood Organization,”, “This should also lead our attention to the International organization of Muslim Brothers, while we are struggling with the group. said. 275

These words are interpreted as a sign that the Egyptian government against the Muslim Brotherhood Organization, which continues its activities in political means (implemented), (the policy he / she / he / she is) (the policy he / she continues). The ETNA volcano in Italy has been reported to operate the ETNA volcano in Catane, the northeastern crater in the northeast crater, lava and cor. In the statement made by Acireale seismic observatory authorities, this final burst on ETNA volcano was much more severe than the explosions on the past 14 and 23 December. It was recorded that the ash and stones of the volcano has not yet led to any negative situations, and the lava ashes were explained to a valley without the influence of the wind. In the train restroom, the baby was born in Beijing – China a woman who has traveled in the toilet of the train in China, has dropped her baby to the bathroom. The baby that opens his eyes to the world in the toilet, then sabbatical between the rails. According to the news of Beijing Evening Newspaper, the young worker Wu Ming and the ride of the pregnant wife is stopped at the Wuxiang Train Station in the North, went to the pregnant woman to the toilet. Although the train moving and approximately 20 minutes of the break, he found his wife lying on the floor in the floor and unconsciously when the wife is covered by the toilet. 276

After the woman has come to himself, he said, but she said he had dropped the baby to the bathroom. Following this to the Wuxiang station immediately, the baby was asked to be found to be found. Despite the freezing cold, the baby rails were found between the sabbatical. In France, 5 fundamentalists were detained in Paris-Paris and Lyon, today was reported to be detained 5 fundamentales. In the statement made from the Ministry of Interior of the Interior of Interior, Lyon, 2 of these people, 2 were caught in the suburb of Paris. In the statement, it was stated that these people were detained in the framework of the operations that are carried out against Islamic organizations that support the terrorist groups that carry out the actions of bombing the actions of bombing the actions of bombing the actions in France from July last July.

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Also another position would be to be one with the head with the head to one side and the other to the other and that they meet in the pelvic area.

It is very difficult to give advice on sexuality when more than 100 days have passed without being able to make contact with non-cohabiting couples, but the reality is that the virus is increasingly circulating and we are entering a month where we really have to maximize care, distance and even more to avoid having sex with people who do not live with one. Non-cohabitating couples should ideally not have sexual encounters and if they do, they should take some advice and stick to it as much as possible.

The first thing we have to minimize is the number of sexual partners that we have outside the home, ideally not having any, and if we have, at most have one, and make bubbles where we are really aware that we are exposing ourselves and we are exposing ourselves. to our partners, therefore the couple that relates to us also has to relate only to us and comply with strict prevention measures abroad.

For the sexologist Florencia Salort – @ flordegineco on Instagram-, “it is important to take extreme care in these moments where we are facing the peak of cases”

The second is to avoid contact with people who have positive COVID-19 symptoms or who have the disease, or who have been with people who are suspected of having coronavirus in the last 14 days. Unfortunately, as it is a condition that is spread by droplets of saliva and by breathing, what we know is that kisses are also going to spread. It is a close contact disease, so it would be ideal for one to have sex with a mask, try to avoid kissing and have a forecast of taking a full body bath before having sexual contact and afterwards, since we release droplets of flush that fall on our own body.

Third, self-satisfaction is recommended, interaction with the networks, with the cell phone, with or without a camera, with or without audio, but always following what the heart dictates to each one and what they want and not what they indicate. what it has to do. Sometimes the pleasure comes not only from the sexual, but from many things, a chat with a friend, a bond, with your neighbor or your own family, your children, a cousin.

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In this infatuation of the I, the history, the contexts, the concrete circumstances are erased and the only result remains an I very happy to have known itself ignoring and not discriminating the symbolic differences. Differences, when they are symbolic, are more difficult. They demand to determine the conjunctures, what is at stake in them and the resources that current stories allow to be able to truly influence reality.

Small difference narcissism introduces something more serious than so-called power struggles. Subjects are capable not only of destroying the other, but of destroying themselves in order to remain in their reason. The problem that can be seen in all this is that it seems a current problem of the national and popular or progressive fields that, as in other times, do not have theories that allow symbolic openings, finally unleash a compulsive imaginary that wants to fail in the face of its possible success , which by structure is always limited. Meanwhile, the far right wait from another place: from the absolute certainties that come from their identification with Power and the death drive that fuels their hatred. This is not Psychology, it is an outline of the theory of Ideology.

Alberto Fernández presents the Investment Program in University Infrastructure | Includes works in 47 national institutions

“I am the President of all Argentines” | Alberto Fernández ratified his commitment to the Mothers “with those who have the least”

Once again, the Federal Capital and the Province of Buenos Aires were the districts with the most infected.The Ministry of Health reported that, in the last 24 hours, 2,657 new cases of COVID-19 were registered and in total there are 100,166 infected throughout the country . It was also known that there were 35 deaths in the last day.

The two districts with the highest number of cases are Capital Federal and Buenos Aires. Regarding the amount, today there were 754 in the first while 1,633 infected were registered in Buenos Aires territory.

Regarding the number of internees, there is currently a bed occupancy rate of 59.5% in the Metropolitan Area, while at the national level there are already 52%.

Regarding the next phase of the quarantine, in an interview with El Fin de la Metáfora on Radio 10, Ginés González García indicated that he does not know what will happen after July 17.

“I think there is going to be a certain flexibility, I am not going to decide it, but we believe that in psychological, social and economic terms, nobody likes to be restrictive, that people are angry.

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Along the same lines, the article indicates that Brazil “has more confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths than anywhere else outside the United States.” “President Jair Bolsonaro has criticized the confinement and social distancing orders issued by governors and mayors. Echoing the president of the United States, Donald Trump, he has recommended untested antimalarial drugs to treat the virus,” he recalled about the questioned measures taken by the mandatary.

Daniel Llermanos: “The removal of Villena does not change or modify the investigation into illegal espionage” | The Moyano’s lawyer gave his opinion on the

Strategies for the educational emergency in the world | Global study on coronavirus and education

It foresees 15 main lines of action, which include the creation of comprehensive territorial centers, the modernization of line 144, and a program of monetary assistance and with support for women and LGTBI + people at risk. 18 billion pesos will be allocated.

The Government presented this Friday the National Plan of Action against gender-based violence for the next two years.

It covers not only women but also the LGBTI + population. It prioritizes three fundamental issues: extreme violence -femicides, transvesticides, transfemicides-, the economic autonomy of people in situations of violence, and the cultural and structural dimension of the problem. Unlike macrista management, the approach does not focus only on emergency care, but has as its horizon the modification of the structural conditions that affect people in situations of gender-based violence. The paradigm is changed: from an individual approach to a comprehensive and intersectional one. The presentation was led by President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta. The 2020-2022 Plan has a budget of 18,000 million pesos. So far this year and until June 30, 162 femicides have been registered –81 during the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation–, according to the survey of cases published in the media carried out by the Observatory “Now that they see us.” : an average of one femicide every 27 hours.

The Plan, embodied in two hundred pages, was prepared by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. The policy, it is clarified, will not be to create more homes and shelters but to promote actions to guarantee access to housing, half-way houses, job training, and employment for those who are experiencing situations of violence for reasons of gender in contexts of social vulnerability, to allow them to develop an autonomous life project, free from violence.

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1119/21/23, in this city, which despite having different names and having various ‘managers’ over the years, have never changed their ‘commercial purpose’ or final operating group “.

At that time, the judge assured that “this set of events could only be carried out through the impunity that Raúl Martins and the other members of the organization guaranteed the protection of state officials.” He emphasized that this protection network included “members of the Judiciary, the federal and provincial security forces, and the former Buenos Aires municipality – today the City Government -“, a table, he said, “which is not presented as striking if we consider that the highest authority of this organization was a member of the State intelligence services. “

However, Martins appealed. He complained because his defense had been harmed because he was not relieved of the state secret that requires him to be an intelligence agent. The House dismissed that argument. “It is irrelevant, since the attributed fact has no connection whatsoever with the task performed by the person named in that agency,” the ruling stated.

Prosecutors Alejandra Mangano and Marcelo Colombo requested the arrest for extradition purposes in December last year. Later, Judge María Servini only issued the order at the national level, so Martins would only be arrested if he returned to the country.

For prosecutors, it is proven that Martins was in Argentina between 6/7/17 and 2/5/18, which would prove her state of rebellion and procedural risk for the investigation. In addition, they expanded the charge for which he had originally been cited and added the crimes of illicit association and money laundering.

Judge Servini had made the extradition request subject to the support of her superiors. Today, the ruling signed today by judges Mariano Llorens, Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi, of the Federal Chamber, not only confirms the prosecution and preventive detention of Martins but also enables the magistrate to proceed with the extradition request to Mexico to that Martins come to Argentina to carry out his arrest.

On Saturday, August 31, the training talk of the citizen alert program was held at the Mar del Sud retirement center, which was attended by approximately seventy neighbors, where the Director of Community Relations and NGOs explained the operation of Citizen Alert.

And later a security talk was held by the Undersecretary of Citizen Security MGA, Antonio Centurión and the Inspector Commissioner Paulo Rodríguez in charge of the Community Headquarters, and the Commissioner, Carlos Ariel Moran in charge of the Miramar City Commissioner.

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At least 30 people were injured when the bus in which they were traveling overturned this morning on Highway 2, at the height of the Buenos Aires town of Vivoratá, and firefighters worked there to rescue the passengers who were trapped. The bus driver was apprehended for “qualified culpable injuries.”

There are two infants in serious condition admitted to the Maternal and Child Hospital and another three under observation. In the Regional Hospital there are 25 interned passengers, two are in the operating room – one for a pulmonary trauma and another for a hip operation -, official sources reported to the Now Mar del Plata portal.

The accident occurred shortly before 6 o’clock at kilometer 374 of Highway 2, on the side that goes to Mar del Plata, in a sector of the route that belongs to the Mar Chiquita district. A girl who was traveling with her mother was thrown from the back of the bus and was referred to the hospital.

According to sources, the bus from the Ruta Atlántica company left the central trace and overturned on the shoulder for reasons that are being established, although witnesses affirm that there was little visibility in the area due to fog.

Four teams of firefighters from Coronel Vidal and one from Vivoratá work in the place, together with Same Province to assist the injured who suffered multiple injuries, while the Buenos Aires Police cut the highway and diverted traffic by check rail.

Route 2 had made the news on November 28 for another serious accident in which two girls died when a bus overturned at kilometer 141 of Route 2, in the hand that goes to Mar del Plata. The passengers of the bus, more than 50, were students and teachers from School No. 41 in Benavídez who were going on a trip for graduates in Mundo Marino, San Clemente del Tuyú.

Delfina Del Bianco (11) and Mía Soledad Morán (12) died in the accident. In addition, 27 children and 5 adults had to be hospitalized. Ten of them remained in serious condition in the intensive care room. Alberto Maldonado, the 48-year-old bus driver, was released after spending almost a week in detention.

The Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Daniel Arroyo, referred to the situation in the Lower House in which Together for Change does not want to give a quorum and thus complicate the approval of the Public Emergency project, which includes financing for programs social services that the national government has in file

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The judge and the prosecutors must evaluate the relevance of Mariano Macri’s testimony to the case. Augé should define in the coming days if he expands the investigations of Arribas, Silvia Majdalani and the Super Mario Bros group for espionage in prisons. It will also have to decide whether to convene for the first time three senior officials from the AFI’s Administrative Directorate of Legal Affairs and other senior members of the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF), including its former director Emiliano Blanco. Prosecutors requested 25 inquiries last week, which also include members of the Counterintelligence Technical Operations area, who would have “wired” the Melchor Romero provincial warden.

Augé is expected to communicate his decision in the coming days and establish a timetable for moving forward with those statements. As a first measure, the judge has already rejected the challenge raised by Mauricio Macri’s private secretary, Darío Nieto, which has already been investigated. It is presumed that, as soon as the round of inquiries requested by the prosecutors ends, they and Augé should resolve the procedural situation of Nieto, Arribas, Majdalani, and the former coordinator of Presidential Documentation Susana Martinengo, which could take a couple of weeks.

Massa launched the School of Government of the Renewal Front | Malena Galmarini and Ricardo Alfonsín accompanied the head of the Lower House

The main bet of the macrismo is to remove the cause of espionage from the jurisdiction of Lomas. Last week, a section of the case arrived at the Federal Chamber of Cassation for the jurisdiction to be defined. The section in question corresponds to espionage against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at the Patria Institute and in the department of Juncal and Uruguay, where the AFI assigned cars and agents to control the movements of the then main opposition leader to Macri. Arribas, Majdalani, the former operational director of Counterintelligence Martín Coste and Alan Ruiz, who served as director of Special Operations, are already being processed for these events. These prosecutions are appealed in the Chamber of La Plata, but Arribas maneuvered in Comodoro Py to take the investigation to that building so conducive to macrismo. The chambermaid Mariano Llorens agreed with him and sent the file to Court I of Cassation last Friday.

Arribas challenged one of the chambermaids who should intervene, Ana Figueroa, for having denounced the pressure of a macrista official, Juan Bautista Mahiques (current attorney general of the City), which led to a case regarding the actions of the Cambiemos judicial table , to which Arribas himself sat – according to emails found in the AFI. L

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The testimony comes from the case against him, it corresponds to the children of one of his victims. Throughout 2014 and 2015, the “Banda del M-16”, investigated by prosecutor Paul Starc, gained its fame thanks to a series of attacks in towns such as Vicente López, San Martín and Tres de Febrero with express kidnappings. and high-speed, high-violence entrances. The assault rifle that they used as a figure for their blows, which emulated the classic Armalite model, a Frankenstein in the jargon of weapons, composed of various assembled parts, gave it its name. They, from places like Villa La Rana, took advantage of it, they said it out loud.

Seven of them were eventually convicted with penalties by the Federal Oral Court No. 4 of San Martín in October 2017 for the crimes of extortionate kidnapping aggravated by the intervention of three or more people in an ideal contest with armed robbery under a illicit association.

This week, Room IV of the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber complicated its panorama: judges Gustavo Hornos, Mariano Borinsky and Javier Carbajo rejected the defense appeals and confirmed the sentences of the seven defendants issued by TOF No. 4. Carlos Javier Velázquez, designated as the head of the gang, which fell in 2015, was sentenced for example to 20 years, a penalty of juvenile responsibility was also accumulated.

Velázquez was, ironically, just 20 years old when he was arrested in a chase in which three Buenos Aires police officers were wounded.

This week, Chamber IV also confirmed the arrest of Cristian Carro Córdoba, one of those convicted of the kidnapping and disappearance of Cristian Schaerer.

They demand the shipment of food for soup kitchens and social plans. “We are talking about the urgency, of having an answer that cannot wait,” they say. They warn that the next step would be to camp for 72 hours.

In the camp in front of the Ministry of Social Development there is no intention of lifting the measure, voted for 48 hours, that is, until this Friday. The referents of the social organizations say that although they had conversations with officials from the second lines of the portfolio led by Carolina Stanley, there was no response to their requests. They demand the shipment of food for soup kitchens and social plans.

They set up camp on July 9 | Social organizations warned that they will return if they do not respond to their claims.

The Food Emergency with half sanction | The Chamber of Deputies approved the rule to address the crisis

The tents remain on one of the lanes of 9 de Julio Avenue and the squares that are attached to the building. OR

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Estebanico kept sending optimistic messages. At the end of May, the Franciscan arrived at the gates of the first of the mysterious cities. From a hillock he gazed in ecstasy at the population, larger than Mexico City

, and if we are to believe the visionary friar, the best of all he saw in the Indies. The naive Nice took over

of the new Kingdom of San Francisco, the name he gave to those territories, in the name of Emperor Charles V.

but no matter how much he searched and searched, he never found the streets of the supposed Cíbola. When they were getting ready to start the last stage, a servant of Estebanico informed them that the inhabitants of the town had received the African violently, and that he met his death along with the rest of his companions. The friar,

He prudently returned to La Nueva España, communicating such a story to the Governor of Nueva Galicia, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. Finally, it was learned that

Antillia (or Antilia) is a mythical island that would remain in an undetermined place in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain. This island had several other names such as the Island of the Seven Cities, Ilha das Sete Cidades, San Brendan, etc. Antillia has also been linked to one of the Canaries.

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado (1510-1554) was a Spanish conqueror. He traveled through New Mexico and other parts of the present United States between 1540 and 1542. He arrived at the viceroyalty of New Spain accompanying the first Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza. He became a confidant of the Viceroy of New Spain, rising rapidly. The Viceroy appointed him Governor of Nueva Galicia, transferring his Government there along with his wife in 1537.

Vázquez de Coronado was distinguished by his ability to pacify the natives and thus in 1538 he was appointed Governor of the Audiencia of Nueva Galicia, replacing the first Governor of the Nuño de Guzmán province. As Governor, he supported Fray Marcos de Niza to explore the north of New Spain on a mission conferred on him by Viceroy Mendoza. He was the first European to discover the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, made in August 1540.

the lavish cities corresponded to the picturesque towns of the Zuñi Indians 21, south of the present city of Santa Fe, in New Mexico. The most striking thing about this episode was that Marcos exaggerated the descriptions of the natives, since the fanciful mind of the ecclesiastic transformed the adobe huts into magnificent mansions,

all of stone with their leftovers and roofs. TO