In the same way, a perpetrator of the mind that may activate the bilkuv and the state of mind, in addition, in addition to the fact that this perpetrator is the actual and third item, which means that all beings are familiar to be bilgi. Here, two things that become the mind that becomes the verb from the guard, the two things that become the bilgiil are flowed together. This active mind is the intellectual mind that is present in Bilfiil and is the continuous cause of becoming the verb in the axle processes. 36-37. Here is an active mind that is out of the outside, according to İskender, is the intellectual mind. İSKENDER, AGE., P. 39. The statements of Alexander are as follows: The common thing between mind and sensory is the way that is not similar to, although it is not similar; If the mind is specific to, it is the perpetrator of the copatants, after you have received; Therefore, the mind is the perpetrator in this case. In this context, because the perpetrator is the perpetrator, the perpetrator of all the entire is to be accepted; It is therefore impossible to be streamed unless the mind is Because nothing is suffered in terms of nature unless it is bilgiil made by the mind. In this case, you need the Bilfiil reason that reveals them for all kinds of people; Look., AGE., p. 38. AGE., P. 35. Alexander tries to open the discrete of this mind as follows: If our minds are taking the resulting from the formation of the intelligence of the conflict, sometimes it is sometimes disjointed from the substance may not be discrete. So, this active mind is the time when we make the akle verb. Because we have been in mind that we have been in mind that we have become the mind. The opposite is the case as of your nature. Because, he is familiar with Bilfiil mind and Bilfiil. Davidson, AGE., P. 11th.

The stewardous mind is the discrete active in case of constant verb and percent in the verb that turns into a verb and verb.

Kindî’s mind risali Themistius and J. Philoponus’s interpretation and criticism of Alexander of Alexander, who have been revived to the Islamic world of the Islamic world, and here is the first philosopher of the first philosopher in a detached work, but also in a detached work. Ö. 866) has been. Although it is a small risale, it is also possible to see the quarters of Alexander the quartet of Alexander in Risendi-Akl’44. As a matter of fact, the thought of the older Greeks’ thought will briefly explain the opinions of those who rated in Kindî45, in the foundation of the first in the foundation, especially in the foundation of Alexander, especially in the Bindî, in accordance with Aristoteles, the best of the mind according to Aristotle: The active mind in the case of the latter is the mind that the mind in the fake of the fake in the fake is the mind that the mind and fourth of the fake of the verb before the verb of the verb of the verb from the verb in the verb .47 According to Kindî, he said that Aristotle’s mind is compared to Kindî The NEFS, which is the powerful, which is the abstract, which is the abstract, which is the abstract, which is the abstract, which is the abstract, which is the abstract and the abstract, which is the abstract, which is the abstract of the mind and unprivinities, is associated with these copies.

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