These remains were usually from the Italian city states, mainly Genoa.

The usual picture of the primitive accumulation seems to be more corrected than another direction. At the beginning, the conflict of the american continent is recognized that the capitalist system needs the accumulation of capital. Logical could be expected to be the center of capitalism as the place where riches are collected, unite. In fact, this country remained a transition station where economic development is understood. Because the capital accumulation also requires the existence of communicative social conditions that are not available in Spain. This also means that the origin of the capitalism is to be taken to the stresses. The social structure leading toModill capitalism was prepared in the period of feudalism and was standing as its forefront. Non-European colonialism served the interests and economic needs of commercial capital. In this way, the foundations of capital accumulation consisted.

Here is the great economic development in the 15th century Europe that is important. Investigated gold, which is obtained in the loot in the crusader, the income surplus of the remote trade entered with silver and Asia, which is the result of European mining, was not sufficient for the financing of development. Material foundations to create money and credit were not enough. The gigantic potential that commercial capital will serve him for economic development in Europe and therefore would have a chance to “profit blockage” that will allow investment for plans. From here, the size of the richness will lose control in the future and surprised entrepreneurs who will be expelled to the sector from the sector. The rapid change of capitalist development poles has been forming a capitalist sector in the London-Amsterdam axis, and it was clear that it can be quickly transformed from the feudal environment, by investment.

Gold was the matter of Spanish Fatih (Konquistadore): Christoph Colomb’s cruise books give public information on the thought world of a psychopath of greed. In the service of the Spanish crown for woven mugs and self-reared sailors, it is seen as an apologize to be able to have such plan in providing financing, providing financing. Colomb had been sentenced to success. This is to those who live in the Caribbean Islands that “discovers” before all; but also explains the violence of people at their disposal. The results of the first expedition to the new world did not prevent the political responsibility of the second expeditions of the second expeditions of the second expeditions. Thus, it has started a conquest policy that has been unable to have a systematically evolving ethical hesitations.

The looting and richness were the basis of the new world’s new master’s behavior. But it was limited to looting, talng and theft because the period was not yet favorable to see if there is nothing to loot there. The Spanish crown’s service, whether they had to find other ways to reach the treasures in the colonies.

The history of Spanish colonial mining is based on 1530s. At that time, the name will be Mexico, where the silver beds in the Pacific shores were discovered. After a decade, a 400-meter-height silver top was encountered in Potosi in Peru. In the hills, only 30 years after its establishment, the potosi city reached 150 thousand population in 1573 was built.

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