Installment Loans for Bad Credit in USA

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Installment loans for bad credit history are created especially to fill the gaps in the customers’ budget before they get their next wages. The main zest of this type of loans is that they are provided with no requirements to provide documents, credit history or other unnecessary bureaucracy stuff.

Together with support and confidence provided to the borrowers with installment loans for bad credit there are some shortcomings the most important of which is risk. Payday loans can become rather risky if using them heedlessly. Their annual interest rate makes out 2500% that is extremely high for an average worker. The maximum loan amount is $2000 issued for 31 days. The sum of repayment can’t exceed 20% of the borrower’s month income. The minors can’t get a loan.

As for us we work on making installment loans bad credit deals – all our customers are guaranteed with 100% support and security. We are not lending money – we are a kind of intermediary that works on organizing lending deals between our customers. We are an aggregator at the lending market – our lenders’ data base contains over 200 people.

It’s very simple to get installment loans for bad credit history if speaking about our service. The customer needs to make three things:
1. Visit our online page where the loans are provided.
2. Fill in an online request with specifying the particular sum of a loan he needs.
3. Wait for some time until our operator finds you the appropriate offer.
4. Get the cash transfer to his credit card.
The process usually takes some 15 minutes.